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    Википедий — эрыкан энциклопедий гыч материал

    Hi! Already posted this on my own discussion page, but just to make sure you get an e-mail notification :-)

    Hi! I'm afraid I don't have anything overly optimistic to say. The "war" you mentioned got so nasty (actually, the atmosphere around here had already been nasty long before the situation exploded) that pretty much all editors of note left .. and the project has not recovered from this at all yet. I don't feel like there is much that we as outsiders can do to fight the critical problem the Mari Wikipedia currently is facing: former editors got turned off by the constant arguing and no longer come here as it's just no fun to contribute in such a nasty environment; new editors haven't appeared yet. See here: http://mariuveren.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/practically-no-maris-left-on-mari-wikipedia/ ... the article is already 1 1/2 years old. The admin in question ended up being disposed, but even after that, arguments continued, and I don't think the situation has improved at all since. There was actually a plan last year to make students at MarGU in Yoshkar-Ola write their Mari-language essays on various topics in a format that they could then, later, be integrated into the Mari Wikipedia. I thought this was a great idea. Unfortunately, nothing much came of this. I think it would take a new initiative of this sort to introduce new life into this place, but I don't currently have the means to spearhead it myself. Should there ever be an editorship to make this project worthwhile again: yes, terminology etc. is all rather pell-mell, unsystematic and unnatural (this was actually a core issue in the "war" - the key page to read here is "Community portal", and the Archive page there, though a word of warning: it's all rather complicated, nasty and childish). My attempts to bring the Wikipedia in line with the new orthographic dictionary, and promoting a measured use of neologisms (i.e., only use them where they are clearly and unambiguously understandable for native speakers, and citable to a reliable source) myself haven't been very successful - see the discussion item "Салам, JBradley" on this very page, and the arguments in the community portal. It would really need a critical mass of competent Mari native speakers supporting such a policy for it to be effective and plausible, rather than more arguments between non-native speakers. JBradley (обсуждение) 23:45, 11 Шорыкйол 2013 (UTC)

    Марий викитеке[вики-текстым тӧрлаташ]

    Пагалыме Арто, мый Марий Викитекым тӱҥалынам. Кертмыда дене ала туштат полшеда ыле? w:Category:Meadow Mari 17:09, 24 Ага 2013 (UTC)

    Вуеш ит нал, а мый тыште пеш шуэн улам. – Чыным ойлем гын, мый ом пале, кӧ тый улат да могай проект нерген возет. Но мутат уке, мый кертмем семын полшем, а шарнаш кӱлеш, мый марла ситышын сайын возен ом керт. - Arto (обсуждение) 11:40, 25 Сӱрем 2013 (UTC)

    Серыш-влак шотышто[вики-текстым тӧрлаташ]

    Arto, те шанчызе улыда, Суомиште иледа, тендан дек икмыняр йодыш уло. Кузе тендан дене кылым ышташ? Электрон почтыдам ала возеда ыле? --Санюн Вадик (обсуждение) 09:11, 10 Идым 2013 (UTC)

    Салам Вадик! Адресем: лӱм точко фамилий (at) turkulainen точко com - Arto (обсуждение) 07:32, 16 Идым 2013 (UTC)
    Лӱмда кузе англичанла возалтеш? Arto Moisio? --Санюн Вадик (обсуждение) 03:37, 21 Идым 2013 (UTC)
    Кузе англичанла? Финнла тугак. --Arto 16:44, 22 Идым 2013 (UTC)